Draw a tag in zones D6 & D3-5? Enter our Big Buck Contest! One winner will receive a Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor. Each entry will include free dinner at our BBQ on November 9th, as well as 1 free drink ticket at the bar. Extra dinner tickets can be purchased below as well for $20.00 a ticket. 


The Sportsman’s Big Buck Contest
Rules & Regulations
  1. Only bucks harvested in California D6 or D3-5 Zones are eligible for entry into The Sportsman’s Big Buck Contest.  NO OUT OF STATE OR DRAW ZONES BESIDES D6 ALLOWED!

  2. Animals harvested during bow season are restricted from competing.  Contest is limited to rifle season only.

  3. Bucks can be harvested by rifle, bow, black powder, handgun or cross-bow if considered a legal weapon in the county where the kill was made. 

  4. Hunters must be licensed to hunt in the state of California

  5. All Entries must be killed in accordance with rules / regulations of California Fish & Game

  6. Entry fee will be $50 and an eligible participant must be registered in The Sportsman’s Big Buck Contest before the opening day of rifle season to be eligible.  One entry per licensed hunter.

  7. A person may register personally or through the official online system. 

  8. Each participant must enter his/her own kill and the antlers must be attached to the body of a freshly killed deer or attached to a sufficient portion of the head, neck, and cape of a freshly killed deer.  The entry must be tagged.

  9. Each participant must enter his/her kill in person no later than 4:00pm the day after the close of the regular season. 

  10. All deer must be scored by an official Sportsman employee at The Sportsman during normal operating hours unless special arraignments have been made

  11. Boone & Crockett scoring guidelines will be used to determine scores

  12. Winner will be based on full gross score, as recognized by the Boone & Crockett measuring system.  No deductions of any kind will be taken from the animal’s gross score other than inside spread.  No deductions will be made for non-typical points, lack of symmetry, or any other area considered a deduction by the Boone & Crockett scoring system.

  13. No breeder bucks or “kick and shoot bucks” will be allowed into the contest.  This contest is intended for deer harvested under FAIR CHASE circumstances only.  In other words, native, wild, free-ranging deer only.  No tame domesticated or pet animals may be entered into the contest even if animal is free-ranging.  Tame, domesticated or pet refers to a deer having lost their natural fear and are not wild.  No ear-tagged tattooed or domesticated animals shall qualify for entry.  No animal that has ever resided outside of the state of California will be eligible for this contest

  14. No trapped animals can be entered into The Sportsman’s Big Buck Contest

  15. The Sportsman has the right to request and be provided accurate and complete information regarding the harvest, source, history and genetic makeup of deer attempted to be entered in the contest.  It is the burden and obligation of the hunter/entrant to provide complete information, access and all proof requested to determine if the entry is eligible and the failure to completely comply and produce the requested information in a prompt and timely fashion shall render the animal ineligible.

  16. The Sportsman has the right to re-score any entry.  The Sportsman has the authority to reverse the scoring decision

  17. The winner or winners of the contest are required to display their trophy at The Sportsman Awards Banquet Night.  The winning hunters are encouraged to attend and must notify The Sportsman if he/she has asked someone else to present their winning entry.

  18. Winner of the prize firearm will have 30 days from the Awards Banquet date to finalize transfer paperwork

Tie-Breaker Rules:

In the case of a tie.  The following measurements will be used accordingly until a tie is broken:  Best overall score, the total length of both main beams, widest spread, most points, and best H-1.